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M Kitchen

M Kitchen - Sushi, Citrus Zest, large selection of wine!
M Kitchen – Citrus Zest, Sushi large selection of wine!

340 Columbiana Drive, Columbia | 803.764.0558

If you ask Michelle Wang, principal of the M Gourmet Group, what food means to her, she answers, “It means a lot to me.  Preparing good food for others is an expression of love.” And with this in mind, Michelle sets out to make every dish, every detail of every dish,  and the service with which it is served, something that shows how much she cares for her customers. Her newest restaurant is M Kitchen on Columbiana Drive in Harbison. She chose the name “M Kitchen” because she wanted it to feel like a comfortable place with a home kitchen, where guests are offered quality, cleanliness and a relaxed beautiful atmosphere.

M Kitchen Dining
This is a shot of the interior of the restaurant. New, clean, crisp, elegant, simple….just beautiful!

What is M Kitchen known for? LOTS. In the short time since they opened their doors, they have emphasized the quality of every single dish, every appetizer, every salad. Kale, avocado, and okra are just a few of the “clean foods” that they use.  Michelle believes in the healing power of food, and she tries to offer healthy menu items that will help people overcome weight issues and other physical problems.  The menu reflects offerings that are  healthy and portions that are not over-sized.

The staff at M Kitchen is also top notch with their friendly demeanor and detailed-orientated personalities, each working to make your dining experience at M Kitchen the best it can be. This restaurant is infused with happy employees and this translates into the care and time taken to prepare your food, which in turn will leave you happy and satisfied.

M Kitchen's Stuffed Avocado

Check out their whole entree menu here!  Michelle’s three personal favorite dishes are the Seared Salmon Belly Nigiri, Fried Stuffed Avocado, and their Roasted Duck Spring Rolls, so be sure you try these divine dishes.

We cannot recommend M Kitchen enough to you – exquisite food, detail-orientated staff, friendly ambiance, and high quality dishes. Call them at 803.764.0558 with any questions.


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