You Don’t Have to Try This Place: Carolina Strip Club

It’s not often that we write bad reviews.  They have to be REALLY bad for us to do it. But the owner of this place is Mark Segal and he is a notorious short-changer – on food, on cleanliness and more. Don’t waste your money on this dive. Poor food served with little creativity, filthy bathroom, roaches… summed up on social media:

Carolina Strip Club: From Yelp:  “The reason for the low rating is the women’s bathroom. There were two toilets. One was splattered with diarrhea (including the wall) and it didn’t flush properly to begin with. The other stall had a toilet that didn’t flush at all, but was full because the first toilet was so disgusting.”

Carolina Strip Club: Also from Yelp: “The food was not good at all, however our waitress was nice but not knowledgeable about the food. Servers should be trained and have tasted the menu before being on the floor.  The calamari was obviously frozen since there were no arms.  The rice was terrible.”

Carolina Strip Club: From Trip Advisor: “One word…ROACHES. If I could give this place less than one star I would. We were here for a birthday dinner and after receiving our food, looked over and saw roaches. Not just one. But many. The waiter even reached over and killed one with a napkin and just said, “Oh, I’m sorry.” No one offered to comp our meal. I was so disgusted. NEVER AGAIN! And after reading more online after we got home, people said that they’ve had roaches in their food! I’ll be calling today to get my meal refunded – I just couldn’t stay in there one more minute after our dinner.”

Carolina Strip Club: From Google Reviews: “Very expensive with remarkably poor food & service. The cook must have slipped with the salt. Awful.”

Carolina Strip Club: From Trip Advisor: “I cannot believe that I spent $168 (with tip) for a meal that wasn’t cooked very well and tasted like a bad trip to the salt mines. ABSOLUTELY horrible! We will never eat there again!”

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