When Eating 12 Wings Makes You a Royal

back of t-shirt that reads a funny saying for the winner of the wings challenge at Old Mill Brewpub in Lexington sc
Shirt You May Wear After You Are Inducted into the Wall of Flame

12 Wings. Yes, they are hot. Spicy hot. Burning hot. So hot the chef wears gloves when handling. But if you’re tough enough… and willing to sign the liability waiver, you may order them. You may try and eat them. But beware… they are the hottest wings in all the land.

If you finish them, you will be given a place on the Old Mill Brewpub Wall of Flame. Your name, emblazoned in brass, attached and hung in the Hall of Honor.

The Hallowed Wall of Flame… are you tough enough?

Old Mill Brewpub | 111 E. Main Street | Lexington, SC

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11am – 10pm | Friday & Saturday 11am – 11pm

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