Two Winners from the Santa Lucia Highlands of California

by Rocky Menge    


Morgan Winery

I recently had the pleasure of tasting 7 wines from Morgan Vineyards in California. The vineyard is located in the Santa Lucia Highlands. Close to Monterey and the Pacific, Morgan is the highest altitude vineyard in California.

This gives these wines an intense flavor with well balanced acidity. I have brought in the Highland Chardonnay and the Twelve Clones Pinot Noir.

When I first tasted the Chardonnay, I was struck by how well balanced it is and how you really get how the chardonnay grape should taste. Here is the link to the web page.

The Pinot has a Burgundian style that is very appealing. I think it over-performs at the price. Check it out here.  Give me a call or come on by…..might have to have a tasting!

Rocky Menge, The Wine Guy

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