Best Caterers in Columbia and Lexington for Summer Parties!

Looking for a selection of caterers in Columbia or Lexington SC for that special event? We have a few ideas when it comes to finding the extra-special caterer for that extra special summer party your guests will remember fondly forever… and you will too! Why should you cook, clean, and entertain? Leave the cooking and serving to one of these fine Columbia caterers:

Fancy That! Catering :: 25 Years = Master Caterer

Fancy That logo pictures stylized chef with cooking utensil in his had and the text Fancy That! Bistro and Catering below the picture of chef.

When you start planning your event, ordering the food can sometimes start to become overwhelming. Because of that, Fancy That! Bistro & Catering has options to fit your needs and your budget. Harvey Ethridge, owner and catering consultant, can help you plan the perfect meal for your special occasion so you don’t have to do it alone.

picture of trays of Fancy That catering foods including cole slaw, mac and cheese, fried mushrooms, sauteed vegetables

Do you have a guest with a food allergy? If so, Fancy That! can help! Just let Harvey know and he will help you find delicious dishes so no guest feels left out. Similarly, if you’re planning a theme party, let Harvey know that too and he’ll help you come up with dishes that will complement your theme. Fancy That! Bistro and Catering has over 25 years of experience providing the families and businesses of Columbia, South Carolina the best local food for all occasions. Read more about their wedding catering here. 803-779-6110

Crepes & Croissants :: Let the Caterer Also Be Part of the Entertainment!

Would you like to put on a party that your guests will remember for a long time to come? Then you should Rent a Crepe Guy for your summer party!

Firstly, French-born Laurent of  Crepes and Croissants on Sumter Street will arrive at your home or party venue with crepe maker and everything needed to turn out delicious savory and sweet crepes! Secondly, you’ll never have a hungry guest – because the crepes are endless! You pay one price per guest ($6.50 – $20, depending on number of guests) and they may have all the crepes they can eat.

display ad for crepes and croissants with a picture of a folded strawberry banana crepe and a crepe maker chef caterer

Crepes are thin, French pancakes that aren’t very sweet on their own, and that is why, for example, they may be filled with things like nutella and strawberries or chicken salad, cream cheese and bacon, salmon, and dill! Your hungry guests will love every bite. And thirdly, Laurent has such a charming French accent and sweet personality, he’ll be someone everyone will remember too!

To sum up, call Laurent and get your party date reserved! 803-462-4779

Little Pigs Barbecue :: A Caterer Who Knows His Way Around the Kitchen

If your friends and family want barbecue this summer… nuf said! Because nobody does barbecue like Little Pigs, the Columbia favorite for over 55 years! Everyone loves barbecue year-round, but Summer parties go hand-in-hand with barbecue! Want something other than barbeque? No problem! Little Pigs is one of the best caterers in Columbia and Lexington! This summer, Little Pigs will make sure your party is everyone’s favorite!

catered chafing dish of stuffed mushrooms from Little Pigs Barbecue

Did you know that Little Pigs is one or our area’s largest caterers too? You can pick up your order or have it delivered OR they offer full service too. What a menu. Check out their catering menu here. You can choose from their preset menu (nine different options) or you can customize it. Whatever you choose, Little Pigs knows that most folks are on a budget, and they’ll keep it real, man.

catered platter of fresh vegetables including celery, cucumber slices, asparagus spears, baby carrots and cauliflower

And if you want to splurge a little, you can customize your menu… because they’ll cook or bake just about anything to perfection. Check out their wedding menu to get some ideas! Call them at 803-788-8238

Old Mill Brewpub :: Creative Chef is also Creative Caterer

Many summer parties are relaxed parties with finger foods and bite-sized versions of favorites. Is that what you envision? Because nobody has as extensive a menu for those kinds of items as Old Mill Brewpub in Lexington!

This favorite restaurant of Lexington locals is also on our list of perfect caterers for Columbia SC and Lexington SC summer parties! You’ll find that the menu has been perfected by a chef who has been diligently working towards the best pub food, and you’ll be amazed at what she’s come up with!

interior party room set up for catered party at Old Mill Brewpub
Old Mill Brewpub can host your party too!
hamburger sliders which are on the catering menu at Old Mill Brewpub. Hamburgers pictured with onion slices, tomato slices and lettuce on fresh baked buns

Examples of small plates and finger foods include: 14 different sliders and finger sandwiches including Fried Chicken, Buffalo Soldier, Southern BLT, Hamburger, Crabcake, Cheeseburger, Tsunami, Oyster Po Boy Sliders and Turkey-Bacon-Ranch sliders and Old Mill Pimento Cheese, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad and Cucumber finger sandwiches.

kabob with goat cheese crumbles, one of the catered kabob choices from Old Mill Brewpub

Or are you wishing for a bit more sophisticated menu? Choose from Bacon-wrapped Quail Bites, Beef or Chicken Kabobs, Crab-stuffed Mushrooms, Crab & Avocado Toast, Lasagna Cupcakes, Mini Beef Wellington, Prosciutto-wrapped Marinated Asparagus… to just give you a small sampling! And if you have your own menu ideas, they’ll be happy to consult with you to develop the menu that will make your dreams come true! Just call Kelly Clinger today to discuss. 803-348-2990 or 803-785-2337

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