April 2019 Food & Drink Events

Cooking Classes with Lere' :: April 2, 3 & 23 Want to get healthy by eating that way? Take a class with Lere' Robinson at her newly remodeled barn in Irmo. Offered this month: Making Smoothies; Using Pantry Staples; Dressing Your Salad. Visit her website here for more info and to register for classes. Wicked … Continue reading April 2019 Food & Drink Events

Meet OMB’s Chef

Jeniffer Sturgis (delightfully, she goes by her last name "Sturgis"), chef at Old Mill Brewpub in Lexington is behind each phenomenally tasting dish at OMB and we were happy to catch up with her! From their long list of huge, mouthwatering burgers to seasonal beers on tap.....full menu here! Foodie News: Where did you grow up and what influenced … Continue reading Meet OMB’s Chef