East Bay Deli Takes the Chill From the Air

Fall Does Happen In South Carolina...EventuallyDespite the first day of fall maybe feeling like summer never missed a beat, with November now here the cold will eventually be too! Check out the temperatures for this upcoming weekend! Brrrrr. While the weight concerns aren’t exactly here yet since it’s not January, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying … Continue reading East Bay Deli Takes the Chill From the Air

Beef Jerky Outlet’s Chili

Beef Jerky Outlet has a new contest, where you can win a $100 Beef Jerky Outlet Prize Pack! Just use their jerky in a recipe to enter, and for a chance to win. Here we have chili made with Beef Jerky Outlet Honey BBQ Jerky **Ingredients ** 1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef 1 onion, … Continue reading Beef Jerky Outlet’s Chili