Summer Special at Miyo’s, M Kitchen & M Vista

We march around most of the year with a considerable appetite, hungering for filling foods, comfort foods, stews, pastas, roasts, pies… the works. Then the outside temp hits 90, and all of a sudden, we just aren’t hungry anymore. What’s up with that?

Inside cool and classy Miyo’s Forest Drive
The a wee speck in our brain is our appetite control, the hypothalamus

The brain controls our appetites, specifically a little thing called the hypothalamus. It weighs about 4 grams inside a brain that weighs about 1400 grams. That’s Appetite Central for us vertebrates and it tells us when we are hungry and when we’re satisfied. It’s also the body’s thermostat, and regulates our body’s temperature. So it knows that when the body is warmer than usual, it should pay less attention to hunger, because it’s trying to regulate the body temperature down. It knows that eating and digesting food raises the body’s temperature. So it’s trying to lessen the its own workload. Yes, even our brains are lazy.

picture of bamboo shoots with tofu and mushrooms , snow peas and carrots with ginger white sauce in white ceramic bowl
Buddhist Delight… only $7.95 for the lunch entree, now available at dinner time!

This leads me to tell you about a very special Special this summer. Michelle Wang of the M Gourmet Group (Miyo’s, M Kitchen and M Vista) is helping out everyone’s hypothalamus by allowing us to order lunch entrees (smaller versions of their dinner entrees) all day! So now you (and maybe a friend or two) can stop in one evening and order a few lunch entrees to share. You won’t be tempted to overeat (and make your hypothalamus mad at you) by facing down big portions. And it saves you money! The lunch entrees are $4 – $5 less than the dinner entrees. YAY. More money for wine, sake, beer or cocktails (my fave at M Kitchen… their Cosmopolitan)

strips of beef with green and red pepper slices tossed in a spicy oyster sauce in white ceramic bowl
Szechuan Beef with spicy oyster sauce – just $8.95 for lunch entree, now available in the evening too!

Discovering new foods is easy when you share smaller plates with your date, your spouse, your sister or your friends. Order 5 or 6 lunch entrees and place in the middle of the table. Then sample a little of each. You’ll find new favorites you may have missed out on if not for trying these smaller portions. So go on… get yourself to one of their fine establishments today. This offer begins July 1 and ends August 31, 2019.

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