Smoked Easter Hams : Order Now!

Your Friends and Family will love you for placing a Little Pigs Smoked Ham on the dining table this Easter Sunday!

Little Pigs Barbecue on Alpine Road is THE place to get your smoked ham for Easter! Call 803-788-8238 to order yours today! Visit the Little Pigs website here.

2 thoughts on “Smoked Easter Hams : Order Now!

  1. Went to the website for Easter ham order and couldn’t find any information on Easter hams or how much they cost. Not convenient. Just lost an order…

    1. They don’t have online ordering, Dear. Please call them. Their phone number is 803-788-8238. Like a lot of barbecue places, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Please call them tomorrow. They sell ham by the pound, since hams weigh differently, one from another.

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