Robots Serving Frozen Yogurt Treats :: Coming Soon

Would you care to be served by a Decepticon or Autobot? Are you endeared to Clunk, Yod or Boilerplate? Then Reis & Irvy’s might be something you’ll like. No human interaction… just you and the robots (Reis and Irvy). And yogurt.

Coming soon to the Columbia market, these robot-run yogurt stations will be placed in malls, shopping centers and high pedestrian-traffic areas throughout the Columbia area, and there will be about 20 in place by May 2020. The first ones should begin showing up in August, 2019.

According to Generation Next, its parent company, “Reis & Irvy’s is the first fully automated frozen yogurt/ice cream robot vending machine to ever hit the market. This amazing kiosk serves up a choice of six delicious flavors and six toppings, and it’s interactive, robotic design makes it a unique experience for consumers of all ages. Imagine, creamy, delicious customized frozen yogurt or ice cream creations served by a robot that creates excitement, fun and customer engagement practically anywhere it is placed. The Reis & Irvy’s experience is changing the landscape of the frozen yogurt and ice cream world forever.” Check out the website here.

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