News Flash: Vote For Grill Marks

We’re proud of our city and its awesome growth the past few years, right?  We have some fantastic restaurants here in Soda City, and it would be great for the world to recognize Columbia for something other than Confederate flags and historic floods.  Well, here’s our chance! Grill Marks (in the Vista) has an awesome burger entered in the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project, which brings awareness to crafting a healthier burger & is dedicated to exploring the ways that food enriches our lives. So please vote for Grill Marks here!  The project brings awareness to making a healthier burger, so Grill Marks has blended shiitake mushrooms, basil and garlic with their dry-aged, DeBragga Certified Angus Beef, making a burger that’s 35% less calories and 40% less fat than a normal burger patty.  

Specialty Burger for Comeptition.jpg
Grill Marks is in one of the top few spots (out of 250 contestants) & they need your help Foodies! You can vote daily from a link on their website through July 31, 2016.

Grill BarksDog Treats

Also, introducing their NEW Grill Barks — all natural dog treats for their dog guests! Grill Marks has one of the most dog-friendly patio’s in Cola & they just stepped up their game for your furry pooch…they’ll be asking to go back before you are even to your car.

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