M Kitchen :: Beyond Special

Looking for a high-quality Asian dining experience? Well-crafted, authentic dishes await you at M Kitchen, a beautiful, upscale dining space located just north of Columbiana Centre Mall on Columbiana Drive.

Relax in comfort at M Kitchen in Harbison

A member of the M Group (Miyo’s, M Vista), this stunning Harbison restaurant is spacious, clean and fresh. The staff is unbelievably helpful and friendly (a signature trait of all M Group restaurants) and the food and drink is amazing – OMG.

The restaurant encircles a large bar where the bar staff tends to its customers with the greatest of ease, making everyone feel welcome and pouring and shaking their way through the evening with deft and experienced hands. Stop by at Happy Hour (Monday – Friday from 4pm – 7pm) and enjoy a $4 house martini, $4 sake, $3 imported beer including Asian beers (including Tsingtao!) and $2 domestic beers. You can order from the Happy Hour menu in the dining room and at the bar.

Love sushi? Me too. There isn’t any place in the Midlands as good as M Kitchen. Fresh, elegant and delicious. From sashimi to signature rolls, the sushi chef adds his spin and artistry to each creation. Try the Hawaiian roll, (Michelle’s favorite – tempura fried shrimp, coconut, mango, avocado, white cream sauce). On a recent visit, I tried the salmon nigiri… so fresh, cool and delicious!

Lucky me! Salmon Nigiri Sushi and Kale Saladh

The menu is extensive, and offers traditional Chinese and Japanese fare, as well as Michelle Wang’s (owner and chef) versions of traditional foods that she grew up on, in Shanghai, China. Her love of food dates back to her childhood, watching and helping her grandmother cook. Her grandmother shared what made her food so special – “Ginger, scallions and a very good rice wine.” Michelle’s love of family comes through in every dish that is served at M Kitchen. I had the honor of meeting the two house chefs on my visit. Chef Lee is from northern China and has a mastery of spicy and savory dishes (the restaurant actually waited to open until his arrival from China, just so they could have his skills running the kitchen when they opened!) Chef Yuan is from southern China and is a master at the grill with meats and inspiring meat-centered dishes like Meatballs and Rice Cakes. Both chefs also use Michelle’s recipes, and follow them accurately.

Meatballs & Rice Cakes… I wish words could explain. Tender, savory pork meatballs with a wonderful sauce made with egg white, soy, ginger, scallion!

I shared some amazing dishes with Michelle and Parker, the new manager at Miyo’s Harbison (can’t wait to get there soon) and really, truly, all I can say is WOW. The pictures below are the dishes I sampled, and I would order any one of them in a heartbeat.

Kale Salad :: Healthy, Fresh, Amazing with House-Made White Vinaigrette Dressing
Spicy and Savory Flounder Filet / Red Hot Oil… if you love spicy and savory, you are going to LOVE this dish. The fish melts in your mouth and there is SO MUCH of it!
Soy Braised Pork Belly with Bok Choy :: Generous Portion of Incredibly Delicious Chunks of BACON! Imagine… an ENTREE of BACON!!

Did you know that there are 1000’s of soy sauces? I didn’t. And it’s important that a chef chooses the right-flavored soy sauce for each of the dishes she/he creates. A lot of soy sauce tasting goes into those decisions at M Kitchen.

Nice day outside? Request seating on the Patio. Aromatic cedar and lovely plantings!

I cannot say enough good things about M Kitchen. I highly encourage you to visit there soon and often. You’re going to LOVE it!

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