Let Little Pigs Cook Your Thanksgiving Dinner… to-go!

Turkey and fixins, ham and fixins or good ole southern cooking from their regular menu!

Order a no-fuss smoked turkey, smoked ham, homemade sides and homemade desserts for take-out!

Let’s be honest. Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 5, 13 or 22 folks can be more work than erecting a bridge across the Congaree River. So why do it? Let Champ and his family at Little Pigs Barbecue do all the work… and you still get all the credit for putting out an absolutely “homemade” (maybe not in your home… but it’s in the McGee’s home on Alpine Road, so that still counts) spread that even picky ol’ Aunt Elsa will love. Think… not one caked up roasting pan, not a giant pile of sweet potato peelins to deal with and a sore hand from all that peelin’, not a floured-up mess on your counter from rollin’ pie dough… nope. Nada. Just you taking the short trip over to Little Pigs to pick it up.

Call 803-788-8238 to order your smoked turkey today!

Smoked Turkey vs Oven Roasted Turkey :: If you’re looking for a bird that will provide the best in flavor and texture, then a smoked turkey is what you want.

Now’s the time to order your Thanksgiving smoked turkey! Just call 803-788-8238 today!

Holiday Hours at Little Pigs Barbecue: Open for Thanksgiving pick ups on Wednesday Nov. 27 and then closed Thursdays the 28th (Thanksgiving Day). Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday like normal.

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