Domaine Pétroni, Vin de Corse Blanc 2016

I like my wine easy. I haven’t acquired a taste for dry wines yet, and I don’t care for wines that are so sweet that you might as well be drinking Kool-Aid. I like something that tastes wonderful and I could easily drink the whole bottle, no prob.

My new friend and wine-mentor, Rocky Menge, the Wine Guy at Palmetto Wine Sellers, introduced me to a wonderful wine,
Domaine Pétroni, Vin de Corse Blanc 2016. This French white wine is absolutely perfect, in my book.

At just $18.25 a bottle, this wine is a steal. I just ordered a case from his website, so I know it’s still available. If you are looking for something new and different as far as fruit of the vine is concerned, I highly recommend this vintage. Order here and pick up at Palmetto Wine Sellers on Devine St.

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