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Sometimes ya’ just want to “cuddle up” to food… to rekindle memories of Mama in her kitchen, checkered apron, wooden spoon in hand, stirring that big pot of goodness.  To be able to remember so fondly weekends with pancakes drenched in yummy syrup and loads of savory bacon and eggs!  Home cooking is like nothing else. Put all your fancy chefs aside for a moment and experience the goodness of country cooking.

Compton’s Kitchen in West Columbia is just the place. The waitresses are all about “Honey Pie”, “Sugar” and “Darlin'”. Come by for breakfast or lunch and experience Southern hospitality like no place else.  Recently the staff enjoyed lunch at Compton’s Kitchen and here is what we ate and how we felt about it:

Kathy: Chicken Salad Plate – a generous scoop of homemade chicken salad, made withchicken-salad just the right amount of mayo and pickles. Served with a quartered hard-boiled egg and tomato slices on a crisp, fresh lettuce bed. “I love chicken salad and this is the best I have had in ages. Really reminds me of what my grandmother made when we went to visit her. Absolutely delicious.”

Comptons BurgerCarmen: Pimento Cheeseburger & Fries – just the right amount of house-made pimento cheese which was super cheddar-y. The burger was hand-patted and the waitress asked how she liked it cooked. Yes! Carmen ordered it “her way” and it was grilled to perfection. Which reminded Carmen of how her husband grills her burger just the way she likes it at home. Carmen: “Not only was the burger amazing, the fries were crinkle-cuts, crisped to perfection. I also want to note that the Sweet Tea was a 10 out 10!”

Tina: Club Sandwich – a club sandwich is not something Tina orders everyday.  She wasn’t expecting such a huge mouth-watering stack of bacon and ham and cheese on toast., with fresh tomatoes and lettuce.  She had trouble finishing it! It came with crispy crinkle-cut fries, a great side with this classic sandwich. “I will definitely order this again!  And I vote this Sweet Tea a 10+! And I am the company expert on Sweet Tea!”


Sarah: Fish Sandwich :: Sarah was delighted with the Fish Sandwich, which came with a side of crinkle fries and a pickle. Sarah: “The large portion of flaky white flounder was lightly pan-seared with a cornmeal crust, and served up hot with lettuce and tomato on a soft bun. It was a fresh, filling and delicious lunchtime meal!” Sarah hails from Maryland and has enjoyed fresh seafood her entire life. Everyone at the table looked enviously at this giant sandwich!


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