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Are you in charge of ordering the catering for company functions? For church get-togethers? For reunions? Want to make your event REALLY memorable? It’s the food, my friend, that they’ll remember. And maybe one sentence of your boss’s speech.

May I recommend my friend Laurent, owner and chef at Crepes et Croissants on Sumter Street downtown? Laurent has mastered the croissant – buttery, layered, crisp, rich, caramel-colored pastries that are delicious no matter how they are served! Breakfast meeting? Order them regular or mini, plain or with chocolate, stuffed with breakfast fillings like strawberry jam, egg, bacon, ham and cheeses.

Call Crepes and Croissants to order food for your next event!

Grab n Go Lunches are popular with meeting planners, and you can choose either a croissant sandwich or slice of Quiche Lorraine, a side of baby spinach salad OR chips, and a dessert of either a chocolate croissant OR creme brulee, and a drink… for $12 per person! Call 803-462-4779 to place your order!

Savory Quiche Lorraine with ham, cheese and onion… also on the menu!

Want a basket of fresh, delectable French pastries to take along to your next gathering? (minimum order 1 dozen) Choose from:

Fresh fruit tarts – house-made shells, brushed with chocolate, cream and topped with fruits!

Fruit Tarts
House-made shell tarts brushed with chocolate,
cream and fresh fruits
$ 2.50 2 inches $ 3.70 4 inches

Choux a la crème
House-made cream puff filled with chocolate
or vanilla cream
$ 2.10 2 inches $ 3.20 4 inches

Chocolate Éclair
Oblong shape choux filled with chocolate
crème patissiere (custard)
$ 3.00 A piece

Minimum order of 1 dozen.

To order, please call 803-462-4779! Visit their Facebook page here.

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