Domaine Pétroni, Vin de Corse Blanc 2016

I like my wine easy. I haven't acquired a taste for dry wines yet, and I don't care for wines that are so sweet that you might as well be drinking Kool-Aid. I like something that tastes wonderful and I could easily drink the whole bottle, no prob. My new friend and wine-mentor, Rocky Menge, … Continue reading Domaine Pétroni, Vin de Corse Blanc 2016

Zinfandel Reserve

From Rocky, The Wine Guy (Palmetto Wine Sellers) For the longest time I believed the last wine I would every offer to my clients is a big alcohol fueled jammy red Zinfandel. I have long felt these wines were the antithesis of what a good wine should taste like. Yesterday, I was proven wrong when I … Continue reading Zinfandel Reserve