929 Kitchen & Bar Reopens Dining Room!

Columbia's favorite Korean-creative restaurant has been cautious about reopening its dining room for obvious reasons. Its carry-out and curbside business has been brisk over the spring and summer months, as well as delivery through doordash.com, but 929's patrons yearned for the inhouse experience of seeing smiling faces, the aroma of delectable foods being prepared and … Continue reading 929 Kitchen & Bar Reopens Dining Room!

The New Asian Kid on the Block :: Suishaya

Opened 3 weeks ago, this lovely little Asian oasis is located in Northeast Columbia off Killian Road... about the only non-chain, non-fast food spot on Killian. I know the folks in Cobblestone Park, Longcreek Plantation and neighborhoods nearby must be ecstatic. Finally a high caliber restaurant comes to this part of Northeast Columbia. Welcome Suishaya … Continue reading The New Asian Kid on the Block :: Suishaya

Publico Kitchen & Tap

Colorful, playful, delicious, fun... that's Publico Kitchen & Tap in Five Points. When this place opened a few years ago, occupying the space held for years by Garibaldi's, you may have wondered what would come to Five Points but another student hangout... But turns out, this is a cool hip great place for everyone, even … Continue reading Publico Kitchen & Tap