Best Ice Cream in Greater Columbia

Why complain about the heat? Do something to cool off your innards and get an ice cream cone, sundae, shake or treat! Here are some of our contenders for Best Ice Cream in Columbia!

Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe :: Their shakes are made with Greenwood Vanilla Bean, the Atlanta ice cream maker’s finest, made with pure bourbon vanilla from choice, aged, East Coast Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. Three scoops in every shake! If you’re a coffee nut, order the Espresso Shake with a single shot of espresso! All shakes are topped with real whipped cream! So beautiful, you’ll hate to take a sip. $6 – $8. Ice cream floats have two scoops in each, and you can order one made with coke, root beer, cappuccino or espresso. $4 – $5. Kids’ versions of shake and floats run $3.50 – $4. Read more about Kaminsky’s here.

milk shakes lined up in Columbia's Kaminsky's, made with the finest vanilla bean ice cream
Kaminsky’s Awesome Milk Shakes

Freddy’s Frozen Custard :: OMG! Their custard is so wonderful! Creamy, smooth and delicious! A touch of egg yolk is what distinguishes frozen custard from commercial ice cream. You’ll love their sundaes, waffle cones, cake cones or by the dish or pint! 3 locations in the Columbia area!

Ice cream turtle sundae with ice cream, hot fudge, pecans, whipped cream and cherry on top
Turtle Sundae!

Sweet Cream Company :: Sophisticated flavors and ice cream as art, this ice cream experience is amazing. Ranked #1 on Yelp for ice cream in Columbia, Sweet Cream offers a rotation of flavors that can be found on their website. They incorporate locally produced ingredients like Cottle Farm Strawberries and Haven Farm Honey.

Sweet Cream ice cream shop exterior with benches and potted plant

Zesto West Columbia :: Look for the giant ice cream cone dipped in chocolate up on the roof, and you’ve found one of Columbia’s food landmarks. It’s been there for 70 years! Their soft serve ice cream is a creamy, delicious treat and is definitely a local’s favorite. You can order it vanilla or chocolate or twirled together, with a dipped chocolate top or with a chocolate top rolled in nuts! AWESOME! $2.25 – $3.65

Giant ice cream sign on top of Zesto's West Columbia
Zesto’s West Columbia’s Giant Cone Sign

Marble Slab Creamery :: Their ice cream is homemade in small batches daily using the freshest ingredients for the richest flavor. So whatever you try, you can expect to discover something incredible. A crazy line-up of flavors – including Carrot Cake, Strawberry Cotton Candy, Piña Colada and Very Yellow Marshmallow. 4 Columbia area locations

Banana split made with strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cram and chocolate ice cream, banana, toppings and whipped cream
Marble Slab Creamery’s Classic Banana Split

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  1. Tiffany’s on Two Notch Rd in Northeast Columbia has Italian Gelato that is off the chart.

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