Apple Pasties to Fry

Apple TurnoversHappy Fall, y’all! Apples have been ripening in the mountain orchards, so we are sharing a precious recipe for Apple Turnovers from the Colonial period, known then as Apple Pasties. Today “pasties” have a completely different connotation!  This recipes is by E. Smith from 1742, found in The Compleat Housewife: or Accomplished Gentlewoman’s Companion.

This recipe is for a large crowd… or a VERY large family!

Pare and quarter apples, and boil them in sugar and water, and a stick of cinamon, and when tender, put in a little white-wine, the juice of a lemon, a Piece of fresh butter, and a little ambergrease or orange-flower water; stir all together and ’tis cold, put it in a Puff-paste and fry them.

Paste for Pasties

Rub six pounds of butter into fourteen pounds of flour; put to it eight eggs, whip the whites to snow and make it in a pretty stiff paste with cold water. (you might want to take those amounts down a tad… like 2 sticks of butter rubbed into 3 cups of flour and one egg instead of 8 – for that amount you should cut up 7 or 8 apples). Fry in hot oil at 375 degrees after filling.

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