M Gourmet Group Introduces Sushi Lovers Club!

Do you and your soul mate love to treat yourselves to the elegance of a night of Sushi? Sushi is perfect for date nights… it’s a sexy food… there’s something kind of dangerous and sensual about taking in the cool subtle taste of raw fish … and it’s so beautiful to look at too! Not a prettier food on the planet.sushi

Have you ever gone to Miyo’s, M Vista or M Kitchen for sushi?  Hands down, the best in town. They aren’t skimpy with the portions, and it is incredibly fresh, which is a #1 requirement for enjoying this genre of food.  And now they give you a truly awesome reason to keep coming back – as a member of their new Sushi Lovers Club.

Ask your server for details, but here’s the gist: You pay $10 for a Sushi Lovers Club card. This entitles you to $2 off Special Rolls, $1 off Maki Rolls, and $4 off Sushi Combo Dinners.  You use your Sushi Club card 9 times, and on your 10th visit, you’ll receive $20 off that meal!

Sushi Lover's Club at Miyo's
Ask Your Server for Details on Joining the Sushi Lovers Club!

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