Deals on Meals

Mondays at Twisted Spur Brewing

705 Gervais Street | 803.764.0203

oyGot a case of the Mondays? There’s no better place to relax than at Twisted Spur! Play Trivia every Monday night beginning the first week of October, as you enjoy their weekly Monday special of $1 House Oysters and 1/2 off Martini’s all day! Twisted Spur’s oysters are always fresh, and include varieties from across the country. Check out their daily selection here. More event information here.

Friday Early Bird Special at Rioz

410 Columbiana Drive | 803.708.3151


Little Pigs BBQ Buffet Gamecocks Promotion

4927 Alpine Rd | 803.788.8238

lp3A new promotion at Little Pigs will let you drop off your business card or fill out a sheet with your name & phone number, for a chance to win two Carolina Gamecocks football tickets to each home game! A winner will be chosen Friday before each game at 12pm. And no matter what, you get to eat at Little Pigs… so you already won!  The best BBQ buffet in Columbia and the ONLY buffet with ribs! More here.


Tombo Grille ad

100 Days of Jerky | Beef Jerky Outlet

jerky100Love jerky in all of its varieties? From Aug. 16 until Black Friday, select jerky flavors will be 20% off at Beef Jerky Outlet in Columbia! For October:

  • Day 56 (Oct. 10): Sweet Bourbon
  • Day 57 (Oct. 11): Cherry Maple Turkey
  • Day 58 (Oct. 12): Pheasant
  • Day 59 (Oct. 13): Australian Outback
  • Day 60 (Oct. 14): Venison
  • Day 61 (Oct. 15): Sweet & Spicy
  • Day 62 (Oct. 16): Alligator
  • Day 63 (Oct. 17): Biltong
  • Day 64 (Oct. 18): Ol’ Smokey
  • Day 65 (Oct. 19): Roasted Garlic
  • Day 66 (Oct. 20): Garlic Sausage Sticks
  • Day 67 (Oct. 21): Biltong
  • Day 68 (Oct. 22): Blazin Cajun
  • Day 69 (Oct. 23): Cracked Black Pepper
  • Day 70 (Oct. 24): Jalapeno
  • Day 71 (Oct. 25): Slap Ya Mama Crawfish
  • Day 72 (Oct. 26): Peppercorn Beef
  • Day 73 (Oct. 27): Sweet Maple Bacon
  • Day 74 (Oct. 28): Reaper
  • Day 75 (Oct. 29): Blazin Beef
  • Day 76 (Oct. 30): Fire
  • Day 77 (Oct. 31): Summer Sausage

In store purchases only, cannot be combined with other specials. See more Days of Jerky Selections here.

Ruth's Happy Hour

Liberty on the Lake daily features

Liberty on the Lake Football Features


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