Coming Soon

East Bay Deli

108 Sunset Court, West Columbia | 803.791.1150

One of our favorite restaurants in Columbia, East Bay Deli, is opening up a second location in the old Atlanta Bread Company across from EBD Dixie Darling Sandwhich.jpgLexington Medical Center! YAY! They will offer the same menu and same hours (daily; 7am – 9pm) as their first Columbia location (located at 1426 Main Street). There is no definite opening date, but they are aiming for around May 1st, but definitely stay tuned for more details. Here’s a picture of their progress so far:

East Bay Deli Construction Progress.jpg

This NEW location of East Bay Deli is currently hiring!! Offering flexible hours, competitive pay, and a fun working environment with opportunities for career advancement. Visit their “Employment” page on their website here.

The Aristocrat

1001 Washington Street (first floor) The Aristocrat

The Vista will soon have a NEW upscale fine wine and craft cocktail establishment, as the Aristocrat is expected to open its doors on March 30th in the old Kelly’s Deli and Pub that closed in August. Mo and Ashley Garcia, owners of the Aristocrat, have a lot of experience in the service industry. They recognize how much Columbia’s food scene is growing and hope that the Aristocrat will bring a certain upscale element to Columbia! The Aristocrat is beautifully decorated with chandeliers, copper bar tables, and custom booths and is dressed with framed paintings of aristocrats on the walls. One entire wall in the ballroom,  which is called the “haint blue art wall” is a spot for local artists to be able to display their work. The Aristocrat also features a bar room and a ball room. The ball room houses a stage for live music, specifically from throw back bands (think Sinatra) such as Ross Holmes Band who is playing at their Grand Opening on April 7, 2017 (grand opening is from 4pm – 2am; cocktail attire encouraged). Additionally, they have an outdoor seating area, with an area for smokers off to the side.

The Aristocrat has a rather large global wine selection, by the glass and bottle and they try to source as many sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, and/or vegan wines as possible. Their craft cocktail menu is very unique, fresh, and interesting, with names that reflect the aristocratic theme; The Court Jester, The Guillotine, and Ashley’s personal favorite The Aristocrat champagne cocktail (their signature cocktail). Additionally, the Aristocrat has a small menu that is representative of flavors of SC; like Coastal Crab Cakes with Remoulade, Brisket Sandwich with Piedmont BBQ sauce served with Superfood Shred tossed in Vidalia Onion dressing, and a rotating selection of desserts.

Valet parking will be offered on Fridays and Saturdays at a minimum, but potentially the rest of the week. They will have happy hour and a weekly Wine Tasting Wednesday too! We can’t wait for them to open their doors! Visit their FB page here.

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